We are legal consultants. We make it our aim to promote access to legal services through affordable solutions for clients. We provide commercial legal counselling services to clients in Information Tech, Construction, Engineering, Energy, Security, Intelligence, Logistics and Real Estate.



Advance the operational matrix and appearance of your business. We offer retainer packages that suit low to high demands for legal support. Take a look at our list of deliverables. Corporate governance and compliance services are offered alongside legal administrative services. We can negotiate terms, draft tailor-made contracts, review your current contracts, draft letters and notices to interested parties and stakeholders, avoid disputes, prepare and draft contractual claims, engage in settlement of your matters, conduct legal process in specific forums and refer your claims to mediation, adjudication and arbitration. From tendering to project close-out, we assist in every step on your journey to success. Our services combined with a selective network of professionals ensure that business gets done. Get in touch by sending an email to info@prock.co.za or by filling out the form below.



We have provided legal services for various private multinational corporations on small to mega-projects. From designer homes to the largest hybrid and solar power plants in Africa, we share experience in hospitals, prisons, farms, offices, retailing, state security, railways, mines, power plants and water infrastructure. We advise a broad range of clients in the IT, construction, engineering, procurement, logistics and distribution sectors. We have prepared specific contracts for design, engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning on construction projects, and development, system testing and build release in IT Contracts, and professsional services agreements for outsourcing specific works, and contracts for product testing, import and export, from loading shipments to delivery in logistics and distribution. We offer a wide range of commercial assistance to advance the operational matrix and appearance of your business. Get in touch by sending an email to info@prock.co.za or by filling out the form below.


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